Coconut Punch


There are two things about this candy that made me nervous, the weight and the price. When I picked up this package in a local store in northern India, I was really surprised at how light it was. I wasn't expecting anything too heavy, but this is just much lighter than I expected. Then when I got to the cashier, I was even more blown away at how cheap it was, 5 Indian Rupees, that's about 7 cents US. From what I know you can't even find any bulk (penny) candy that goes much below 10 cents a piece today. You can imagine how amazed I was to find an entire pack of taffies for about 7 cents. You can also image that I was a little nervous about eating them.

I probably would have passed on these if it weren’t for the manufacturer, Lotte. Lotte is a fairly well known company throughout Asia, and they make some of my favourite Asian treats, particularly some of the treats I discovered in Japan. Upon opening the package, and then unwrapping my candy, I could instantly tell that these are not gourmet candies by any stretch of the imagination. Everything about them was simple, and there were absolutely no frills at all in the packaging.

Even though things weren’t looking great for these Coconut Punch candies, I decided to give in and take a bite. I'm not a huge fan of coconut in the first place, but these tasted particularly strange. It's as if the coconuts they used to make these might have had a smoking problem. There's some kind of smoky, like a cigarette, flavour to them. It's not horrible, but it's not pleasant either.

Texture wise I was fairly surprised. I was expecting rock hard taffy, but these were fairly soft. I had eaten 3 of them and my jaw was fine, my taste buds weren’t that happy though. It's not that this are so bad you want to spit them out, they're just a little odd, and not something I want to eat a lot of at one sitting.