Coffee Crisp "Orange"


There is one thing wrong with the name of this bar, and that’s the word “Orange”. Sure, it's got a great yet subtle orange flavor that works pretty well for this bar. Crisp, yep, it sure is, with layer upon layer of wafers this bar has crisp down perfectly. In some ways this bar does work, but it’s not perfect, it’s not perfect at all. In fact, there’s a problem with this bar.

This brings us to our little problem, coffee (in hindsight I probably should have started this review talking about the problem of the word “coffee” on the package). Although based off a Coffee Crisp this bar has little to no coffee flavor at all. This coffee flavour is really one of the trademarks of the Coffee Crisp bar, heck it’s in the name. When you take the coffee flavour out, then you’re really losing one of the main focuses of this bar. Without the coffee, Coffee Crisp is just a wafer bar.

This is not to say that this bar is a bad treat, in fact if you like orange chocolate and you want an interesting twist of crispy wafers mixed in, this is your bar. Its nice for all of the orange chocolate fans to have more options than just simple orange chocolate. I just can't call it a Coffee Crisp because it only looks like one from the outside.