F - Asia - Unique

Fruits No Mori


Taste: 2

Texture: 3.5

Novelty: 5

All scores out of 5

June 6 2011

One of the challenges of being the Candy Critic is to be sure that every treat you try gets a fair shake. I'm not talking about my hatred of licorice and my love of mint jelly beans, I can get around them in this clever segment by explaining my opinion. The problem I often have is when I'm not really sure how to enjoy the treat to its fullest. This particular treat is a perfect example of just that.

What I have in front of me consists of three components. First a bowl that appears to be made up of the same stuff that they make ice cream cones. Second is several square candy objects that come in three colours, red, green, and yellow. Finally I have a toothpick, yup you heard me a toothpick. I'm fairly certain that the toothpick is not a mistake because when I purchased this treat I checked the other ones and they too had toothpicks.

So here's what I'm going to do. I’m going to attempt to stab a candy with a toothpick, eat the candy, then take a bite of the bowl and if a few candies get into that bite all the better. I will not consume the toothpick, however I may keep it for my after dinner teeth picking.

The first surprise from these little squares is that bellow the hard looking exterior is in fact gummy. I'm so happy, best of all it taste pretty good as well. I think I may eat a few more before I eat the bowl. They're not easy to stab, and the green and yellow ones are not as tasty as the red, but at least this is starting to make sense.

As an added bonus the bowl is in fact edible. I was a little worried when thoughts of styrofoam went through my head. This treat is not the best tasting treat I've ever had, but it wasn't bad, and it was really unique.