August 2022


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

Candy ASAP

I’ve decided to be a good Candy Critic and do what the package asks. On the front left of this box of Cookie Dough Bites the package suggests to “try’em Frozen”. So before I tasted them I opened them up and stuck about half of them in the freezer. Most of the time when a candy suggests putting them in the freezer the treat is either massively improved or massively worse when frozen. The Charleston Chew is a great example of a treat that is massively improved after being in the freezer for a few hours. These Cookie Dough Bites on the other hand are actually on par if frozen or eaten at room temperature.

This isn’t to say that they’re exactly the same, in fact they’re fairly different. I would just say that I enjoyed them equally frozen or room temperature. The biggest difference between eating them frozen or room temperature is the texture. Obviously they’re much harder frozen than they are room temperature. The room temperature Cookie Dough Bites give you more of a feeling that you’re eating cookie dough, whereas the frozen ones are almost hard enough to make you think you’re eating baked cookie bites (except the chocolate isn’t melted). Flavour wise the frozen bites didn’t have as much flavour at first, but once they warmed up the flavour explodes a little more dramatically in your mouth. The room temperature bites are fairly tasty from the start, but not as dramatic.

Outside of the temperature differences, as a treat these are pretty good. The box is sure to mention that it doesn’t use real eggs, so we can assume that this is not real cookie dough, but instead a brown mush with the flavour and consistency of cookie dough. The good news is that this mush is pretty close to real cookie dough. It even has that slight gritty texture that you often get with cookie dough. The flavours also balanced pretty well, I tasted both chocolate and cookie dough in equal amounts.

I was actually eating these while watching a movie, and while I don’t normally rate treats like this, I would say that these make for a fine movie snack.