Hershey's Cookie + Caramel


There is one part where this bar really excels, and that’s texture. All three elements of this bar play their part in this bar and present you with three very different textures that work well together. At first you only really notice the cookies and chocolate, but after a few chews you start to notice the soft chewy texture of the caramel. It’s very subtle, but most certainly there. These are three textures that are not only obvious, but work very well together.

Flavour wise is where this bar falls a little flat. The flavour you notice most throughout the entire eating experience is the chocolate. The caramel might ad a bit of sweetness to the bar, but it’s hard to really pick it out of the strong chocolate flavour. The cookies, flavour wise, are pretty much non-existent. It’s a shame that they didn’t balance the flavours as well as they balanced the texture, because that would have made this bar something exceptional.

The Cookie+ Caramel bar is not a way out there concept, we’ve seen a few bars with these ingredients, even in the Hershey Bar line. Even without the great flavour the texture of this bar really made me happy. I really wish there could have been more definition in the flavour, but all in all it’s a pretty good bar.