Cool Air


I'm going to use this gum to ask a question that I've had for many years, what is the appeal of having your mouth feel like it’s really cold? Does it actually make your breath better, is the cold agent crucial to fresh breath? Does this type of candy do something else to you, does it cool you off on a warm summer's day? I don't dislike cool candies and treats, but I really don't understand them either.

I obviously mention all of this because this Cool Air gum is in fact very cool to the mouth. The first few bites I would describe as being particularly cool to the point of being a little uncomfortable. After a few minutes of chewing the coolness dies down a bit, but seems to stick around for a while. Flavour wise I might describe this gum as mint, but not really. The coolness implies a mint flavour, but it's more of a medicine flavour than a pleasant mint flavour. The package doesn't actually say anything about there being mint at all, the only flavours mentioned are eucalyptus and menthol. Both of these flavours are mint like, but not exactly like mint.

I think some people will really like this gum. If you don't like gum that tastes too sweet, and you really love that cool mint feeling, you should try this gum. I personally like a little sweeter and a slightly less painfully cold flavour in my gum. Mint is a wonderful flavour when it's subtle, this is not subtle at all.

Chew Time: 10 minutes