June 2023

Cornetto Pride "Strawberry Yogurt"


There are really two things to talk about when it comes to this colourful ice cream treat. The first is the theme, or how well it represents pride and the rainbow flag. We all have opinions about how corporations choose to celebrate Pride, some say they’re making a statement about inclusion and diversity, others say it’s all about marketing. I have no idea how the folks at Wall’s feel about Pride and I choose not to make any judgments. I will however comment on the colours, or the fact that several of the colours appear to be missing. The ice cream is red (actually pink) and blue, the cone is purple and yellow. I know that there have been many colours added to the pride flag, but in this case they didn’t make it past the primary colours and the purple is questionable (as it might actually be pink as well). I can’t imagine that it would have been too difficult to add a splash or orange and green to round out this treat.

As for the treat itself, it’s okay. The crunchy little balls in the top give it a nice texture before you get to the crunchy cone. I like the core of strawberry syrup that runs down the centre, but I was a little disappointed when it stopped halfway down. The chocolate coating on the inside of the cone tasted nice, but the brown colour was a weird contrast to the bright colours of the cone and ice cream. I feel like the chocolate and the crunchy bits might have been a good place to add some of the missing secondary colours. The ice cream, or yogourt as the package suggests, was very good. It had a nice creamy frozen yogourt flavour, with a hint of strawberry.

In general I was fine eating this treat, although I was disappointed by the lack of inclusion from all of the colours of the Pride flag. I feel like the pink could have been red and more secondary colours would have added so much.