Cote D'Or "Dessert 58"

Cote D'Or

If anybody on the Internets has any idea what flavour "Dessert 58" is supposed to taste like I'd thankfully except an explanation For now, all I can tell you about this 58th dessert is that it appears to involve coffee. Maybe even a mocha cream of some kind. I'm not sure if the chocolate is an essential part of Dessert 58, because this is after all a chocolate bar, so it could be just part of the Cote D'Or, and not part of this mysterious dessert.

Mystery aside the best way to describe this bar that it is high quality chocolate surrounding a whipped chocolate/coffee cream. Since this is Cote D'Or, the quality of the chocolate was fantastic. It was smooth and creamy and melted just the way you'd want a bar to melt in your mouth. The cream was smooth as well, just fluffy enough to give it a different texture than the chocolate, but not overly fluffy either.

The only disappointment with this treat is the coffee flavour. It's a very subtle coffee flavour, and that's kind of the problem. I felt like the flavour was not committed to this bar. As if someone suggested coffee as a flavour, but then worried that some people don't like coffee and decided to back down so it was only a hint. The flavour balance doesn't work, if you don't like coffee won't like it, and if you do like coffee it's probably too weak. This is a bar without commitment or flavour balance.