Cote D'Or "Speculoos"

Cote D'Or

If you're unfamiliar with Speculoos then you probably haven't ever traveled to Belgium. Speculoos is a cookie that has a very distinctive ginger taste to it. It has a wonderful texture and is commonly used in many desserts including cheese cake and tiramisu. So, it would only seem logical that the number one chocolate company in Belgium would put this popular cookie into one of their bars. You'd also think that a company like Cot Dor would be able to make this treat sing... but if you thought that, you'd be wrong.

It's not that the chocolate was of a bad quality, in fact it was the quality you'd expect from a great Belgium chocolate company. The chocolate was smooth and creamy, and melted just right. The problem comes from the execution of this treat and how the cookie is used. The cookie is broken up into small bits and distributed throughout the bar. Because of this, the flavour of the chocolate is mixed with the cookie and this flavour combination just doesn't work at all. The best way to describe this bars flavour, is to compare it to that taste you get in your mouth when you take a deep breath in a musty basement.

The subtle ginger flavour of the cookie is completely lost, and when mixed with the chocolate it just doesn't work at all. I think if I was to attempt to make this bar myself I would probably leave the cookies whole and maybe add two layers with a lighter coating of Cot Dor's fine chocolate.