Cowpokes "Butter Toffee Pops"


For some reason cows have become very common spokes creatures for candy. I can't figure out why people love cows so much, and more importantly why people seem to believe that if there's a cow on the package it must be good. Maybe these people should get out on a farm once in a while and see real cows. Not that I don't think cows have their place in this world; I mean cereal would suck without milk; I just don't get the candy connection.

The other candy mystery for me is the new obsession with toffee. It's like toffee is this year’s chocolate. Look at that, I'm a trend spotter, at least in the candy world. A few years back the new chocolate was mint and I think last year it was chocolate. But more and more people seem to be making all kinds of cool toffee treats, and this is no exception. This sucker is nice and smooth, although the flavour is a little light. I really like my toffee, or toffee flavour to be a little bit stronger than this lolly delivers. When you suck on this treat you really have to search the toffee flavour out, it doesn't bite you as hard as I'd like.

Wait a minute here's a surprise... It's all chewy in the middle. The chewy stuff is a little more flavourful than the outside stuff but still really could be a little more toffee strong.

Suck Time: 10 min