Raisinets "Cranberry"


I tried so hard to taste what the difference might be between these, and your basic chocolate covered raisin. I sucked on a few, I chewed a few extra slow, I even gave them an extra sniff, but I just couldn't make out a difference at all. It's not that I'm complaining about this because I love chocolate covered raisins. I guess I was just expecting more, something maybe a little tart, or something festive like cranberry sauce would have been great.

What I've learned from this experience is that the flavour difference between raisins and dried cranberries is pretty minimal when they’re covered in chocolate. Does that mean you shouldn't bother eating these Cranberry Raisinets? You most certainly should give these a try, I’ve read studies that say cranberries are extra healthy for you, and maybe these are better for you than standard chocolate covered raisins. Eating these will also give you bragging rights is some circles. If you hang around people that drink overpriced mixed drinks (most containing pomegranate) then the idea of special (potentially healthier) Rasinets just might impress them.

They taste fine, but they don’t have any crazy new taste experience in my book. The sweet of the chocolate blocks any kind of unique tart flavour that is unique to the cranberry, so they taste just like regular chocolate covered raisins. I'm not sure how one could improve upon them without adding some kind of additional sour taste, and I don’t imagine that would be very healthy.