Creamsicle Candy Twist "Peaches and Cream"


My first problem with these things has to be the name. It’s not only really long, but it has some facts about it that confuse me. First of all I have never seen a Creamsicle in a peach flavour in my life. This upsets me because I think a peach Creamsicle would be pretty good. While I do enjoy the orange flavour most commonly found in Creamsicles, I think branching out would be good for this ice cream treat. I could see mango and banana also working well.

The second problem with these would have to be what it is made of. Is it suppose to be like the classic licorice whips or what? I've tried other flavours of these Candy Twists and they all have the same problem; the flavour and texture are too synthetic. It’s not to say that I don’t love some fake flavours, but these never seem to cut it, particularly this peach flavour. A more natural peach flavour would be great in this case with the icing type centre.

I managed to eat one and couldn't manage a second. My advice to the popsicle people, stick to frozen snacks for now. At the very least if you do decide to branch off, make sure you’re dealing with flavour combinations that work in your frozen treats as well.