How can I begin to explain why this treat didn't work? It's not that the flavour was bad, or it's not like the texture was bad either. This treat just lacks any kind of creativity at all. The novelty rating on this treat is going to be low, and only because I've seen lace licorice treats a million times before, and this one is not only the same in idea, but a little sub-par in execution.

I'm not really sure how these are supposed to be "creative". You can pretty much braid them and that's about it. You could maybe tie a knot I guess as well, but I think knots and braids fall into the same category. Now I know these kinds of things are worth badges in the boy scouts, but as a candy it's not super fun at all. I thought maybe you could weave them into a pattern, but in each package you don't really get enough to pull off anything interesting.

So they're not fun, but are they tasty? They're not gross, but they lack something that would make them stand out. In fact each one of these strings tastes almost exactly the same. There are slight differences, but I would have a hard time telling you what flavour each was trying to be. I could take guesses but it's probably just my mind filling in the blanks based on the colours.