July 2023









Crisp Fun "Strawberry Flavour"

Happy Snow

This is an ice cream treat that could have been amazing, but instead it’s just fine. I don’t really have anything bad to say about any part of this ice cream treat, but I don’t have any high praise for it either, at least when you talk about the quality of the ingredients. The strawberry ice cream is fine, it’s nowhere close to being the best strawberry ice cream I’ve ever tasted, but it was pink and tasted a bit like strawberries. The chocolate coating held in the ice cream well enough, and cracked when I bit into it as well. It didn’t break off into one giant piece and also didn’t shatter into a million pieces. It just broke off as I ate it. There were peanuts on the outside, they were tasty enough and not stale.

I feel like had there been a little more attention to detail, this ice cream treat could have been amazing. I’ll start with the ice cream, if it had just a bit more real strawberry and a bit of a creamier flavour it would have been mind blowingly great. Strawberry ice cream is rarely my go to flavour, and this makes me wonder if the problem is that not many companies are making a high quality strawberry ice cream. I really should be into strawberry ice cream as strawberries are one of my favourite fruit, yet I rarely gravitate towards it.

The coating has two flaws that if fixed could turn this into a monumental ice cream treat. First of all the quality of the chocolate could be improved. I liked the thickness and texture of the chocolate, but the flavour was a little weak. More importantly though is the flavour and distribution of the peanuts. I had a few mouthfuls where I got a lot of peanuts and they were by far the best bites of this treat. More peanuts and stronger flavoured peanuts (maybe roasted a little more) would have been amazing. Think of it like eating a peanut butter and jam sandwich, the balance of those two ingredients has to be perfect. As it stands the strawberry of the ice cream totally dominates, but with a little adjustment you’d have an interesting and well balanced treat.

As I said, this is a fine ice cream treat, but it has potential to be amazing. A little more focus on quality of ingredients and working on the balance of peanuts to strawberry would make an ice cream bar that I think people would really love.