Nestlé Crunch Chips "Chocolate Original"


I'm slightly confused by this snack; the package is confusing as is the snack itself. The package is confusing because I can't really figure out what the theme for this snack is supposed to be. There's a shark on the front of the package and the snacks are triangle shaped, so I might assume that these chocolate triangles are supposed to represent sharks’ teeth. The problem is the shark is eating one of these triangular treats, and what kind of shark eats another shark's teeth? It could also be that they used a shark as the mascot for these treats because they are crunchy, but sharks crunching generally means through bone, and that's just disturbing for a candy.

The snack inside the bag is confusing because of the strange way they combined chips and chocolate. The crunchy exterior has a slight corn chip flavour and texture, but not really a strong chocolate flavour. Even strange is the fact that the chocolate center isn't extremely chocolaty either. Because none of the elements really work on their own, together this snack is even a bigger failure.

I think chocolate and corn chips could work really well; I just think that Nestlé didn't do it right. A better solution would be to take standard corn chips, and dust them with unsweetened cocoa. If you wanted to keep this format, it would have also worked if they used a regular corn chip on the outside, and filled it with a much more intense cocoa filling.

So much potential here for a new, creative snack. Unfortunately, they just didn’t pull it off.