Crunchie Egg


These are not at all what I expected, but they are certainly tasty little treats. I've eaten a few other mini eggs based on chocolate bars and for the most part, they're similar to the bar they came from. The main difference tends to the be the ratio of ingredients, and obviously the amount of ingredients on the whole since they’re smaller. This particular egg however was nothing like its namesake Crunchie bar at all.

I was expecting a chocolate egg with a sponge toffee center. Instead of a solid sponge toffee center these mini eggs are full of little sponge toffee bits. This is particularly nice for those of you who don't like getting the toffee stuck in your teeth when you’re eating a regular Crunchie bar. For some reason the little bits of sponge toffee don’t really stick to the teeth as badly as large sponge toffee centers. The chocolate holding all these little bits together is in the usual Cadbury style, great quality.

I have only one problem with this treat. I find that the number of bits in the eggs is really not balanced. I had one egg with virtually no bits at all, and then I had one that was just fine. I have yet to have one that's overloaded, so it leads me to believe that they should probably add more bits to their mix and mix it a little better. Wow trying saying that ten times fast.