Gobo Karinto


When I first started reviewing candy, I decided that I would have to break up my candy reviews into candy types. This was fairly difficult because I had to think of all the different varieties of candies available. After I thought of a few different categories, I was still left with a few treats that didn't fit into any one type of candy. My choice was to create a section called "Unique". Since the original days of Candy Critic, this is the section that gets changed the most. When too many of one type of candy is in the Unique section, I tend to branch it off into its own section. Some day I'd like to not have a "Unique" section on Candy Critic, however, after today's review I don't think that's ever going to happen.

I say this because this treat is truly unique. In fact it's so unique, it's very difficult to describe. The package seems to say that it contains "Gobo", a plant whose roots are a common food in Asian cooking. I can only assume that these are also Gobo root, but I can't say for sure. By looking at them I can see that they're little green sticks, glazed with some kind of clear brown sticky substance, and there appears to be sesame seeds attached as well. Texture wise, they're kind of like very dense crackers. The texture is fine, but the appearance is a little off putting for the western eye.

The flavour is the real mystery of this treat. They're sweet, but not overly sweet. I may taste some kind of sesame like flavour, but there's something else as well. I can only assume that the other flavour is "Gobo", but not having had a huge amount of experience with it, I'm not sure. Finally, there's a slight heat in the aftertaste, as if there's a light dusting of cayenne peppers.

These aren't unpleasant at all, but they're very strange. It's nice to have a pleasant strange flavour, but mostly because of the "unique" experience. I don't think I'd ever eat a whole bag of these in one sitting, only because I can't really figure them out.