Crunchy Gummies


It's very rare that I'm shocked by a gummy candy, particularly when it comes to texture. Don't get me wrong, I love gummies. I love the soft chewy texture they have, but you never really get any kind of dramatic difference in the texture. That was until now. These gummies go for a completely unique texture, and it works really well.

When I saw the words "crunchy gummies" on the package, I thought I was going to get a bag of jelly beans. When you think about it, jelly beans are just gummies with a hard candy shell. When I first bit into one of these crunchy gummies I was so surprised. It actually took a bit to get through the shell. In fact, I thought at first that I was doing it all wrong, the shell was so hard that I thought you were supposed to suck them till you reached the chewy gummy center. Honestly, I'm still not sure if that's how you're supposed to eat them, however I've found that they work both as a crunching candy and a sucking candy.

If I had to fault them for anything, it would be for lack of creative flavours or shapes. Each colour does have a different flavour, but the flavours themselves aren't very unique. The shapes are simple little balls of gummy, and nothing else. You could probably give them a little credit though as the colour of the gummy doesn't match the colour of the candy shell.

While these aren't the prettiest gummies I've ever seen, the unique texture makes up for it all. If you're a gummy fan, you really should try these, you won't regret it even for the novelty factor alone.