March 2024





Crunky "BTS"


I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I can tell you that if you love BTS, you’ll be disappointed. The only reason you might be satisfied is if the best thing about BTS in your mind is how good they look on the side of a candy bar wrapper. What I’m saying is the only thing BTS about this candy is the packaging. It isn’t flavoured specially (like maybe the groups favourite flavour of chocolate), it doesn’t have any logos or decorations on the chocolate itself, this is just a standard Crunky bar with a “special” wrapper.

Standard is also a bit of an overstatement. I’ve eaten a few different flavours and formats of Crunky in my day, and I keep getting disappointed by the plain milk chocolate version. This bar not only didn’t improve my opinion of the milk chocolate Crunky, it might have lowered it. The chocolate is very waxy and lacks any strong cocoa flavour. While I know the crisps are the feature of this bar, I found that there were just too many of them. With the weak flavour of the chocolate it felt like I was eating a bar of rice crisps lightly glued together with some kind of brown flavourless glue.

I wouldn’t say this bar is gross, but it is very disappointing. If you’re a BTS fan there’s really nothing for you. If you’re a fan of milk chocolate, again you’ll probably be disappointed. Maybe if you really love rice crisps you’ll like this, but I imagine you probably like your rice crisps with milk or in better quality chocolate.