Crunky "Biscuits"


This is a concept that I'm truly surprised more chocolate bar companies have not used. I think there are a few chocolate bar companies who have made a cookie version of their bar, but for the most part they don't really echo the original bar that well. This cookie on the other hand echo’s the original fairly well, and also creates something brand new at the same time. The Crunky bar is a simple chocolate bar filled with rice crisps. This cookie is a standard sandwich cookie, with the filling being chocolate with rice crisps. It's a very simple concept, much like the bar, and represents the bar really well.

While I like the sentiment of this treat a lot, I can't say that I actually liked eating the cookie that much. The biggest problem is the quality of the chocolate and the flavour of the cookie. The chocolate isn't very flavourful and feels a little waxy. This in combination with a rather flavourless cookie made for a really bland treat. The texture of the rice crisps was somewhat noticeable, but were second fiddle to the crunchy cookie. It's not a spectacular cookie when you look at it objectively.

This is the problem with this cookie, it's a really good idea, and it represents something original and its chocolate bar inspiration at the same time. The problem is that it's not really that great a treat. I guess I have to give credit to Lotte for trying, but I don't think this is a winner. I say to them, keep it up, try something new again, I'll be happy to review that too.