September 2022




Crunky Crunchy Wonder! "Dark Cookie Bar"


I think weird is the best way to describe this bar. If you look at the package and read the name of this bar, you’d probably expect to eat a round cookie tube, covered in chocolate, and filled with a vanilla cream. Because of the name you’d probably assume as well that the chocolate is dark chocolate. All of this would make a bar that might not be very original or unique, but would probably taste pretty good. Instead this bar is filled with strange textures and flavour that I can’t really explain. Weirder still is it looks like the package, so even while eating this bar you expect to bite down into a round cookie tube, covered in dark chocolate, and filled with a vanilla cream.

This first thing that hit me about this bar when I bit into it is the texture. It does have a crunchy cookie, but the cookie is more like the kind of cookie you get out of those tube cookies that are filled with chocolate, kind of like a hard crepe. The strange part is the fact that this bar is really chewy. I think it comes from the white filling, which is almost more of a nougat/caramel consistency. This was completely unexpected, and I don’t see anything on the package referring to chewy. The other strange factor of this bar is a slight fruity flavour. It could be that the fruity flavour is coming from the dark chocolate, as some dark chocolates do have a fruity flavour, but I actually think it’s coming from the white “cream” centre. I was expecting to get a nice blend of chocolate and vanilla, but all I taste is dark chocolate and a slight fruity flavour. Which brings up the other flavour oddity, there’s nothing vanilla about this bar at all.

I actually think that they should have been a little less creative with this bar. I think a simple Oreo like icing in the centre of a cookie log covered in dark chocolate would have improved this bar greatly. I also think that the chocolate could be a much better quality as well. For a Crunky chocolate bar the chocolate seemed a better quality, but for an average dark chocolate treat it’s pretty low.