Crunky "Chocolate Ice Bar"


This is a simple ice cream treat. It's vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate with rice crisps throughout the chocolate. Calling this treat simple is not an insult, because although it is very simple it is also really tasty too. This is a classic example of a treat that does simple very well. The two factors that make this ice cream treat work so well are the quality of the ingredients and the ratio of the ingredients.

It's easy for candy companies to cheap out on the expensive ingredients like the chocolate and vanilla, but in this case, Lotte seems to have put in the effort. The ratio is something that takes a lot of research and development to get just right. If there's too much or too little chocolate, the balance of flavours can be way off. And so often ice cream bars seem to skimp on the third ingredient, which in this case is the rice crisps. This bar on the other hand had plenty of rice crisps, and they were evenly distributed all over the bar. Technically I can't find any kind of fault with this ice cream bar at all.

Creatively I'm wondering if they could have done more. Particularly the way that the ice cream bar represents its namesake, the Crunky bar. When I think of Crunky, I think of chocolate and rice crisps. While this ice cream treat had some great chocolate and lots of rice crisps, it also had a lot of vanilla ice cream. I think if you wanted to represent the Crunky bar perfectly, maybe chocolate ice cream would have been a better choice.

This is a good ice cream treat, and I recommend it to anybody on a warm day, I just wish it could have had a little more chocolate so it could be a better "Crunky".