Crunky Walking Bar "Almond"


Normally when I go for an Asian treat, I try to find something that's fun, like a cup full of some kind of slimy treat, or a cookie with a picture of something cute on it. Today is different; today I'm going to try a basic bar, nothing flashy, and nothing particularly strange. It's an almond chocolate bar. I was inspired to pick up this treat because Allison keeps telling me that one of her favourite bars is a Japanese treat called “Crunky Gold”. I couldn't find the gold version, but after finding this version I thought I could at least give the Crunky brand a try.

The interesting thing about this treat is the little crunchy, or I guess it could be "crunky", bits. They seem kind of like rice crisps, but they're round, they’re little spheres of crunch goodness. The almond seems to be a little lost in this treat. I can kind of taste it if I think about it, but texture-wise it's completely overpowered by the “crunky” bits. The chocolate is a story in itself. It's not like regular chocolate; more like fake chocolate, only high-quality. It’s a strange sensation, particularly from a texture standpoint. While I don't mind it, I think it tastes a little odd.

All in all, it's not a bad bar. I just think it could use a little more almond, and if it were made with a better quality chocolate it would be spectacular. I'm glad I tried it, and I'd suggest it to anyone looking for a bit of adventure. It might also be ok for those that want to try a really strange high quality chocolate bar.