Curly Wurly


The Cadbury Curly Wurly has a simple concept, chocolate and caramel in a fun design. While the idea of caramel and chocolate is nothing new, the design of this bar is. That’s actually a pretty mazing feat if you think about it. Take two ingredients that are easily two of the most common ingredients in the candy world, and make the design so unique that it actually makes this bar different. The design is so unique that it actually changes the way these ingredients work, and how they work together.

The Curly Wurly is a long and thin with a pretzel like twist. It’s key to note how thing the bar actually is. Most bars might not be able to make a chocolate bar this thin, let alone a bar filled with caramel. The texture of the caramel is the key to making this work. If it was a gooey caramel these bars wouldn’t survive on the store shelves at all. The folks at Cadbury were wise to use a really chewy caramel instead. While the caramel does have a really chewy texture, it works really well because the bar is so thin.

In the UK (and parts of Canada) the Curly Wurly is a classic candy bar. In many other parts of the world it’s a unique treat. I feel comfortably calling the Curly Wurly one of the most unique, classic candy bars on the market today.