I'm not really sure what the appeal is for boozy chocolate. As a pairing I can maybe see it a little better, but when the two merges as one I'm not such a big fan. Even worse is when a treat just tastes like it's boozy but actually contains no alcohol at all. Are there people out there that want all the taste of alcohol without any of the buzz?

This bar is pretty simple, it's chocolate with a chocolate center. The chocolate center has a slightly creamier texture than the outside chocolate, but it's hard to know for sure since the outside chocolate is so thin. As mentioned above, the center seems to have a really strong boozy flavour to it. While the texture is fine, the flavour is really not my cup of tea. In fact, the strong boozy flavour is so strong and predominant that I couldn't really taste chocolate at all, just a burning booze flavour.

I'm sure, since I don't really drink, I have a bias against boozy chocolates. I find that if you take any alcoholic treat and take away the alcohol, chances are it will taste better. While alcohol does create a nice buzz, it often ruins many a sweet treat.