Dairy Milk "Black Forest"


I think this bar is a failure in its concept. The quality of each separate ingredient that made up this bar, is great. The chocolate is the high quality of chocolate that you would expect from a Dairy Milk bar. The cookies and the cherry gummies are also fine, and they are the kinds of ingredients that would work in a chocolate bar. If you were to break the elements of this bar apart, it's not only an acceptable chocolate bar, it's an exceptional chocolate bar. This doesn't however make this a good bar all around, there are some serious problems with this bar that I think waste these high quality ingredients.

The first problem I'll bring up is problem that I'm starting to see more and more with high quality candy bars, and that's a problem with the ratio of ingredients. The chocolate and cookies are fine, each bite was filled with cookie bits. The cherry gummies on the other hand were totally lacking. In this bar I found three small gummies in total. I believe this bar had about ten squares, and only three of them had a sampling of each ingredient. That's unacceptable, particularly from a brand like Cadbury that's known for their high quality chocolate bars.

The bigger problem with this bar is in the concept itself. This is supposed to be a black forest themed candy bar. I assume that it's supposed to be based on the famous German black forest cake, a cake consisting of chocolate cake, icing, a cherry filling, and shaved chocolate. If I used my imagination, I can kind of see how the cherry gummies are attempting to be the cherry filling, and the cookie bits might represent the cake. In that scenario the chocolate bar would represent the chocolate shavings? And where is the icing? This Dairy Milk "Black Forest" just didn't make me feel like I was eating a black forest cake in any way.

I think if you want to make a black forest cake in chocolate bar form, you need to use cherry filling, or a cherry jam. You can also use a thin layer of cream as well to represent the creamy icing. I like the idea of using the cookie bits as the cake, but the gummies just failed on so many levels to represent cherries. This was a waste of some good ingredients.