Dairy Milk In Lickables


There is something much worse than having a treat that tastes bad, and that’s having a disappointing treat. When I saw these Dairy Milk in Lickables, I have to admit that I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. The package gives you very little information about what’s inside, until you start reading the fine print. The first clue is fairly obvious, according to the package this treat comes with a toy. This means that some of the space in this package will not have candy, but will instead have a piece of plastic. The next indicator of what might be in this odd shaped package came from some small print under the lip, it says “Chocolate flavoured cream with cookie bits and wheat crispies”. While this does give me some clues as to what’s in this package, it’s still kind of vague.

After cracking the seal, and separating the larger upper container from the smaller lower container it started to become clear, and it didn’t look good at all. The large top container (which made up more than two thirds of the package) contained the toy, and a small spoon. While I won’t say much about this toy (since this is Candy Critic and not Toy Critic), I will tell you that it was very disappointing. The small spoon was the highlight of the entire Lickables experience because it had a cute little disinterested face on it, a preview of what my face would look like after eating this treat. The second part of the package contained the “treat”. After pulling off the seal it revealed that this tiny container was about half full of a chocolate cream with some white and brown crunchy balls floating in it.

I took my spoon with the disinterested face and dug into the cream, making sure I got a few of the balls as well. The cream had a slight chocolaty flavour, but was also very oily in flavour. The balls added virtually no flavour at all, and a little bit of a crunchy texture. I went in for a second scoop and realized that resting at the bottom of the “cream” was pieces of cookie (Oreo maybe?). I tried these and they seemed to be a little bit chocolaty, but the oily chocolate cream covered up most of this cookie flavour. The one saving grace of this treat was that there wasn’t much of it. I can’t imagine why Cadbury would make such a disappointing treat. I normally can’t recommend Cadbury products enough, but I can confidently tell you that this “treat” is not worth eating, even if someone gives it to you for free.