Dairy Milk "Ritz"


There really is a trick to combining two classic snacks together in an attempt to make a better snack. It's even trickier when the two popular snacks don't seem like a good match. This is exactly the case with the Dairy Milk Ritz chocolate bar. I can't say that I've ever craved a chocolate covered Ritz cracker. The amazing thing is, this snack works very well and in no small part to the person who designed this bar.

The main key to the success of this bar is the ratio of chocolate to cracker. There is just enough salty cracker for each bite of smooth chocolate. This perfect ratio also gives this bar a fantastic texture, but the design helps too. Having a full, albeit small, cracker sandwiched on each side of the chocolate bar gives this treat a great crunch. Each bite was a salty sweet mouthful of joy.

My only complaint about this bar comes from the lack of Ritz’ authenticity. I would have much rather had full sized, round Ritz crackers or at the very least small round crackers similar to the ones you find on Ritz Bits. There's just something not very Ritz about the crackers, it really could have been any brand at all. While the flavour and texture worked, it didn’t really scream out Ritz to me.

This could have been the perfect marriage of two popular treats; instead you have a great Dairy Milk bar with an average cracker.