Dairy Milk "Snack"


The Dairy Milk Snack is an example of a popular chocolate bar trend from the 80s alive on today's candy shelves. There was a time when every chocolate bar company in North America was competing to create the ultimate variety bar. These bars would look like your average caramel filled bars, however instead of just having caramel inside, each square would be filled with a different flavour of goo. I use the word goo with love in this case. This Dairy Milk bar is a fine memory of these classic treats I remember from my childhood.

As is with all members of the Dairy Milk line, the quality of this bar is fantastic. The chocolate is smooth, the fillings are nice and drippy, and the proportions of chocolate to various goo is perfect. The real key to this treat is the fillings, and although tasty, this is where this treat fails slightly. Three of the fillings are great, the caramel, the Turkish Delight, and surprisingly the pineapple are all very tasty.

The other three fruit flavours disappointed, only because they tasted so similar. From what I could tell one of them was orange, the other cherry, but the third was a bit of a mystery. I think it might have been some kind raspberry and cream filling but I'm not sure. The problem with the three fruit flavours is they were so similar and you might not be able to tell them apart in a blind taste test.

I'm hoping that this bar isn't the last of a dying breed of chocolate bars filled with a variety of different filling, but are instead the return of a really great trend from the past.