Dairy Milk "Tiffin"


It's always interesting when a chocolate bar can teach you something new about the world. I bought this bar because I was a little confused about the name. I couldn't figure out how they could make a chocolate bar with a tiffin theme. I say this because as far as I knew before doing this review, a tiffin was a metal container used in India mostly to transport food. Most often one would use a tiffin to transport your lunch to work, and it often contains foods such as rice and curries. With that knowledge, you can see why I was curious about this bar. When I looked at the package (both the illustrations and the ingredients), I realized that this bar contains cookie bits and raisins. This confused me even more. I tasted the bar, and it is just filled with raisins and cookie bits, so I thought I'd do a little research. I figured that there must be some kind of cookie or dessert called a tiffin, and I was right. Apparently, it's a chocolate cake that has dried cherries, raisins and cookie bits in it. So, theme wise this bar is pretty spot on, and I also got to learn about a new type of dessert at the same time. Needless to say, I'm pretty happy about this part of the bar.

As for the bar itself, I'm not as overly enthused about it. While this is a high quality chocolate bar, as you would expect from Cadbury, there are a few problems with it. Actually, there's one big problem, and that's the ratio of ingredients. The chocolate in this bar overpowers every single other flavour. The cookies and raisins pretty much just add texture to this bar, but virtually no flavour. Also, the balance of raisins to cookies is not balanced either. There's a good distribution of cookie bits throughout this bar, but only the occasional raisin. I think these two ingredients need to be more balanced, and both need to have a stronger flavour to balance out with the chocolate.

Don't get me wrong, this is a very good bar. The quality of the ingredients is fantastic. The cookies were crunchy, the raisins were plump, and the chocolate was great, they just needed to be balanced out a little bit better. I love the fact that I learned about a new dessert because of this bar, and you can rest assured that I will be baking a tiffin cake sometime soon.