Dairy Milk "Whole Nut"


There is really only one problem with this bar, and it had more to do with the package than the bar itself. Actually, it had to do with the expectations created by the package more than anything else. The name of this bar is Dairy Milk "Whole Nut", and the font for the word “nut” is implying that there is an extreme amount of nuts in this bar. There's also a picture of a giant nut surrounded by a little bit of chocolate. Both of these tell me that I'm in for a whole lot of big nuts in this bar.

The problem is that the nuts seem pretty small, and the quantity, while adequate, wasn't really amazing. From a ratio of chocolate to nut standpoint this bar is fairly average. I was hoping to bite into this bar and get a mouthful of hazelnuts, but instead I got a mouthful of chocolate with only a few hazelnuts. While it wasn’t disappointing, it also wasn’t what I was expecting given the package.

As for the quality of the ingredients, I can't say I had any problems at all. In fact, Cadbury chocolate is still one of the best mass-produced chocolates in the world. The hazelnuts where tasty enough as well, fresh and crunchy. The ratio, although low for what I expected, didn't ruin the bar, there were still nuts to be had in most of the bites.

From the package design, and name of this bar, I was really expecting a nutty treat with a bit of chocolate. What I got instead was a nice smooth chocolate bar lightly scattered with whole nuts. Not what I expected, but fine none the less.