July 2023





Dairy Milk "British"


One of the things I’ve started to do on candycritic.org is look at the same candy bars manufactured in different parts of the world. I started this adventure with Kit Kat bars, but since then I’ve started to look at other candies made in different parts of the world to see how they hold up. This kind of review is only about the classic, plain or basic version of these treats. We could safely argue that Kit Kat flavours in Japan are far more interesting than in most parts of the world, so that isn’t a fair comparison. Today I’m adding Dairy Milk to this list of reviews for the first time. Before I had only reviewed the regular Dairy Milk bar from Australia, but today I’m adding the British version to the list.

The comment I get often when I do this is why. Why would I review the exact same bar from different parts of the world, wouldn’t you just get the same review. In general I would say that this is rarely the case. Often the candy in one part of the world is completely different than the same candy in another part of the world. It could be a different size, different packaging and even different recipes. While many are just subtle differences, I have had candy bars that are completely different, even though they’re marketed as the same bar.

I bring all this up to say that this is not the case at all with the Dairy Milk bar. While I don’t have an Australian Dairy Milk bar in front of me to compare, after going over my review and thinking about it for a bit, I feel like this bar is just as good as it’s Australian counterpart. In other words, I feel like so far, Dairy Milk makes all their chocolate bars to the same recipe and standard. Amazingly this is much less common than you’d think. In fact I don’t know if I’ve ever had two bars from two different parts of the world that tasted so similar.

This says a lot about Cadbury, and they’re interest in keeping the quality of one of the best mass produced chocolate bars high. For maybe the first time ever, I say if you’re craving a Dairy Milk bar and you happen to be travelling (at least between Australia and the UK), you’re safe to get any bar you want, they’ll all be great.