Dairy Milk "Silk"


This chocolate bar fails for several reasons, none of which is because it's a bad milk chocolate bar. The first reason it fails is because of false advertising. The first time I'd ever heard of a Dairy Milk Silk is while watching television; I think it might have been a station out of India. I saw this commercial for this super smooth chocolate bar that was so smooth that you could melt it with just a touch. I thought this was very brave for a candy company to make a chocolate bar that intentionally melts, particularly in a country as warm as India. Unfortunately, this bar does not melt when you touch it. In fact, I'm not really sure why they call this bar "Silk" at all, it doesn't seem like anything more than a standard bar of milk chocolate.

The second reason this bar fails is because of the lack of creativity. Say for example I didn't watch that commercial out of India, and I simply came across the Dairy Milk Silk bar on a store shelf. I may have picked it up wondering why this bar was unique. What had Cadbury done to the Dairy Milk bar to make it silkier? The answer is nothing. In my opinion this is simply a Dairy Milk bar, and nothing else. The only difference I can tell from a standard Dairy Milk bar is the fact that this bar comes with two addition wrappers. After getting through the sealed purple wrapper, there's a white paper wrapper with the word "Silk" written all over it. Then below that is a sheet of gold and silver foil, also with the word "Silk" written all over it. When you finally get to the bar, all you're left with is a standard Dairy Milk bar.

So, this is a bar missing a gimmick, yet I can't really tell you not to buy it. The thing is, Dairy Milk chocolate is one of my favourite chocolate bars in the world. It's smooth and creamy, and it melts in your mouth beautifully. Sure, this particular Dairy Milk doesn't melt any faster or smoother than a regular Dairy Milk bar, but it’s still a high quality milk chocolate bar.

I guess you can say that I've never been more disappointed to enjoy such a tasty chocolate bar. I thought I knew what they were trying to do with this bar, but after one bite I realized I just don’t get it.