February 2023

Dalman Gaz "Shirin Zarman Iranian"


I’ve always associated nougat with sweet. I’m not an expert on making nougat by any stretch of the imagination, but my assumption is that it requires sugar. By this I mean that to make nougat do what it does, you have to have sugar. I only assume this because every other nougat I’ve ever eaten in my entire life has been very sweet. One of the drawbacks of nougat for me is the fact that at times it can be sickly sweet. This candy on the other hand is making me reconsider my theories about nougat.

This nougat isn’t that sweet at all, in fact it’s almost a little salty. The flavours present in this piece of nougat are salty, pistachio, rose and a little sweetness. The salty and rose seem to dominate while the pistachio creeps up when you bite a piece of the pistachios throughout. The sweet is always there, but I feel like the salty and rose are a little bit more dominant. It could be that the sweet is still dominating, but I’ve just never had a nougat that wasn’t sickly sweet first followed by whatever the other flavours might be. This nougat is almost perfectly balanced, but it might be to a fault.

The only reason I say it’s to a fault is that it’s kind of unexpected. As I said before, I connect sweet with nougat, so when it’s not as sweet, it’s a little strange. I personally like strange foods, so I’m kind of happy. If you’re looking for a classic nougat flavour you might be a little disappointed. You also might not like the fact that rose is a really strong flavour, but we’ve established in the past that I actually like rose water in my desserts and sweets.

I guess this treat is an interesting experience, it’s a blend of flavours including salty, sweet, and perfume. You may not be a huge fan of this, but I would say if you come across it, it’s worth giving it a try.