Dairy Milk "Chocolate"


This is a slightly better than average chocolate bar. If you’re to examine this bar on novelty alone, it’s very average, boring even. It’s just a bar, separated into squares, made up of milk chocolate. If you look at the quality of this bar it’s very good. It’s not the best milk chocolate I’ve ever eaten in my life, but I was very happy to eat it. The texture was smooth and creamy and the flavour was nice and chocolaty. It’s a fine, simple milk chocolate bar.

There was one strange thing about this bar however. This strange thing did not affect the taste or texture of this bar, but it did make this bar a little more complicated to get at. The main package of this bar is similar to most chocolate bars we see today, a plastic like foil that’s vacuumed sealed. The strange part of this bar is the fact that underneath that sealed foil wrapper, this bar was wrapped in a foil paper as well. For those too young to remember, all chocolate bars used to come wrapped in foil paper, with paper wrappers outside of that. So, it appears that the folks at Delfi have updated their Dairy Milk wrapper with the modern plastic foil, but they’ve also decided to keep the paper foil wrapper too.

This double wrapper did make getting my bar out of the package a little more complicated. It meant that I had to pull then entire bar out of the plastic layer, just to be able to open the second paper foil layer with any ease. The downfall of this is if you ever want to save any of this bar for later, you might have to find an alternative storage solution. Fortunately, the bar is not that big so I managed to finish it in one sitting, but it was a little weird peeling through the extra layer of foil.