Yup, it had to be another coconut bar. I've mentioned this on the site a few times, but I'll mention it again, I'm not a big fan of coconut bars. There's something sickly sweet and strange about a bunch of coconut squished together into a log. The texture is kind of chewy, but not in a good way as well. The flavour is often overly sweet and you end up losing the whole nutty flavour of the coconut.

The best way candy companies tend to deal with this problem is to cover up the texture with another texture. The "Almond Joy" has the crunchy almond on top, and the Derby bar has rice crisps on the outside. The almond in the Almond Joy works fairly well to cover the texture because the texture of the nut is pretty bold. The crisps in the Derby bar don't really work well at all. I will say the crisps make it better, but only by such a small fraction that it's not worth mentioning.

The flavour is another issue. The Almond (or any other nut) generally has a pretty strong flavour that can cut down the sickly sweet flavour of the coconut log. In this case rice crisps have virtually no flavour, so it's up to the chocolate to kill the sweet a little, and it does. The chocolate is nice and dark and still a little sweet. Unfortunately, the "little sweet" only makes the coconut sweeter and once again kind of ruins the bar.