Dippy Melon Tree


Are you tired of being able to eat your candy when you open the package? Are you interested in waiting five or ten minutes before you eat, to maybe create some temptation? What about making a big mess while doing all of this? If waiting and making a mess is for you, then how do you feel about doing all of this for a treat that kind of tastes gross?

This treat has created a new record for me, this treat may be the most complicated candy I've ever tasted. It's complicated for you to eat, not for the candy company that produces them. Let me explain, it starts out with two trays that you fill up with powder, then one of the trays you also add some water. You roll a little tree like object into these two trays until little beads start to form on the tips of the branches. After the balls are formed and start falling off the tree it's time to coat them with crazy coloured sprinkles.

Then you bite these little balls off the tree, and you're eating a horrible little snack. The consistency was surprising, kind of like peeled grapes. I'm not sure how these magic chemicals create this texture. The texture would have been OK if it was grape flavoured, but instead it's a gross melon flavour that just doesn't work at all. I don't get it, it looks like grapes, has the consistency of grapes, but tastes like melon. I put in a lot of work for something I just don't like.