What is the best way to describe these strange disks? They’re really unlike any candy I’ve ever tasted before, and there’s no real comparison in the candy world. Texture wise, I guess I could describe them as like biting into a sour Styrofoam cup. To many people this might sound very unappealing, but there’s a few differences that these UFO’s have that make them much more pleasurable to eat than a Styrofoam cup.

The first thing to note is that unlike a Styrofoam cup, these do dissolve in your mouth, and they don’t take years to dissolve. In a few seconds the weird (and slightly appealing) texture will dissolve into nothing and you’ll be left with what’s inside. What’s inside is a simple sour powder with a slightly fruity flavour. I couldn’t tell you what fruit it’s supposed to be, but it’s pleasant enough and goes well with the sour. It’s a really strange sensation to have a Styrofoam disk turn into a mouth full of sour powder, but it’s oddly satisfying too.

These UFO’s are so addictive, I once bought a whole bucket of them and went through it in a week. The best way to eat them, particularly if it's your first time, is to put the whole disk in your mouth and just bite down. The other thing I would suggest is to have something on hand to kill the taste, just in case you might be one of those few people who can't stand the weirdness of this candy.

Another thing you might notice, depending on where or when you bought your UFO’s is the contents on the inside might be different. Some don't contain a sour mixture but instead contain sprinkles, I'm not as big a fan of the sprinkle variety, but they're not too bad.