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Styrofoam Disks "UFO's"


Taste: 4

Texture: 2 (but weird)

Novelty: 5

All scores out of 5

What is the best way to describe these disks. Well it's like biting into a sour Styrofoam cup. Having said that. These things are so addictive I once bought a whole bucket and went through it in a week. The best way to eat it, particularly if it's your first time, is to put the whole thing in your mouth and just bite down. The other thing I would suggest is to have something on hand to kill the taste just in case you might be one of those few people I know who can't stand them. Another thing you might notice depending on where or when you get them is the contents on the inside. Some don't contain a sour mixture but instead contain sprinkles, I'm not as big a fan of this variety but they're not too bad.