Disney Character Gummies

Goofy's Candy Co.

I have to be honest about these gummies, I had little hope in being wowed by these, at least in a creative way. I bought these candies at Walt Disney World in Florida, and there's something about the candy there. Fancy hand made treats are pretty exceptional at Walt Disney World, as are many of the baked treats and ice creams. The one place where Walt Disney World seems to really lack is in their packaged treats. Most of them are fairly uninspired, and many are only Disney in their packaging. Since I went on a trip to Walt Disney World, I thought it important to pick up at least one candy for review, and this was one of the only packaged candies with any Disney theming at all.

The theming of this candy was OK. The detail of the images of the characters on each gummy is fairly good, but there's one problem. The bag says "character gummies" however the only two characters represented are Mickey and Minnie. This seems like a bit of a rip off. If you advertise characters with an “s”, you would think that at the very least Donald, Goofy, and Pluto would also be in there. While Mickey and Minnie gummies are a must for Disney character gummies, I think a few more characters are needed as well.

The gummies themselves were pretty good though. Very fresh and soft, with each colour of gummy having a distinct and fruity flavour. I wasn't a big fan of the pink (watermelon) gummies, but that's just a personal taste. In general, I would recommend these to anyone in Walt Disney World that might be craving gummies, that is unless Donald, Goofy, or Pluto are your favorite characters.