Doritos Dinamita "Mojo Citron"


I don’t think I’ve ever been more confused about a snack’s package in my life. Sure, I’ve had a few snacks where I couldn’t understand the language written on the package at all, but this is different. This package is supposed to be in English, yet it makes no sense to me at all. When you look at this package you see several things that you assume will be a part of the snack. The similarities in the word “dynamite” and the word “Dinamita” as well as the explosion in the background, makes one assume that these might be spicy. It either failed in this department completely, or I’m getting very tolerant of hot foods. Then there’s what appears to be cashews flying out of the explosion, I wasn’t really sure how they would incorporate cashews into these rolled up Doritos, and apparently neither were they, because they didn’t. There is nothing cashew in these chips at all. The last thing that confused me was some of the wording on the package, I have no idea what “Dinamita” or “Mojo” means in the context of these snacks.

Two other problems I had with this package came from the words “limited time only” and “they’re rolled to explode with flavours”. First of all, this isn’t the first time Doritos has made a rolled corn chip, so maybe the flavour is limited but this gimmick is not. The problem I had with “they’re rolled to explode with flavours” comes from the fact that the shape of these chips does not improve the flavour at all.

The thing that will surprise you most is the flip flop I’m about to take on this snack, and that’s because I really liked them. I thought the citrus flavour was really great. It was sour and flavourful, and balanced perfectly with the salty corn chips. The texture is where these really shine, while the rolled shape adds nothing to the flavour, I think it adds a lot to the texture. I would even go so far as to say I like these curled chips more than the standard Dorito texture wise. All around I would say that this is a solid snack, and well worth trying. I just think the folks at Doritos have to work out their marketing a bit.