Doritos "Ketchup"


These Doritos are for people with a very particular taste. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy them, I just feel that it would be someone very specific who would call these their favourite snack. These chips are the perfect cross over of ketchup potato chip and Dorito. The flavour is very much ketchup, there's no mistaking it at all. If you've had a ketchup potato chip, you know exactly what you're getting into flavour wise. There is a slight hint of corn flavour, but the ketchup flavoured powder is laid on very thick and it's the dominant flavour on every bite.

Texture wise there are truly Doritos. The unmistakable crunch of a good quality corn chip happens on each bite. I think the best way to describe the Doritos crunch is to call it satisfying. It's not soft at all, but it's also not difficult to bite through. It just snaps perfectly when your teeth come together.

While I would say that these are a success, I'm not 100% sure that I love them. I can say with certainty that these are not my favourite Doritos, that title goes between Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese. These are also not my favourte flavoured chip either. Ketchup is a flavour of chip that I almost always like, but I never really love it. Other than for reviewing, I rarely buy ketchup chips, and this version falls into the same category. I would not seek these out unless you're a huge fan of ketchup chips, or you feel the need to try every flavour of Doritos.