Doritos Late Night "Buffalo Hot Wings"


I'm going to start this review by focusing on the package. I keep saying that I don't take the package into my mind when reviewing treats, but more and more I'm finding that I just can't ignore it. There are many things about this bag of Doritos that I don't understand based on the package. My first complaint is the fact that it has the words “Limited Time” plastered on the bag. I hate it when snack companies make treats that are only available for a limited time. I think you either commit to making these treats full time, or tell it like it is, these are them testing out the market. The second thing that I don't really hate, but I don't understand is the “Late Night” gimmick. The only thing I can guess is that they're making a series of flavours based on popular late night foods (or hangover/drinking foods). I really can't see how this gimmick is going to sell Doritos, but I'm also not a marketing expert. The final thing I want to talk about is the flavour of these Doritos, Buffalo Hot Wings.

I have no problem with the idea of making a salty snack with Buffalo Hot Wings as its flavour, I just don't understand what I should be expecting. Should these Doritos taste like I'm eating a Buffalo Hot Wing, or should they taste like Dorito chips that have been saturated in Buffalo Hot Wing sauce. I ask this because I was expecting them to taste like Buffalo Hot Wings, and they seemed to have no chicken flavour at all. I'm not an expert on chicken wings, since I don't really like them, but I'm guessing that this tastes more like the sauce than a whole wing. I can't really compare these to Buffalo Hot Wings, since I don't know if I've eaten one in the last 10 or 20 years, but I can tell you that these are a pretty tasty chip.

They've got a hint of spice on them that does build as you eat more, but it seems to have a tolerable limit. They also keep that kind of cheese flavour that comes with most flavours of Doritos (ketchup seems to be the only exception I've come across). This cheese really goes well with the flavour and spice of the hot wings sauce. The corn from the chips even works with the hot wings sauce flavour as well. It's a fine corn chip, and you'll enjoy it more if you like spice snacks. As always the crunch is what you would expect from a Dorito as well.

I'm just not sure what the marketing department was thinking, and I'm hoping that these slide from “Limited Time” to a regular staple. I'm not sure if I'd go for them again, but I'd probably suggest them to my spice loving friends.