Doritos "Dill-icious"


I have to say that the main thing missing from this particular snack is the "Dill". I wasn't really sure how they were going to pull off dill pickle nacho chips; honestly, I couldn't figure out why, either. Now, I'm no cultural expert, but I’m left wondering what do dill pickles have to do with Mexican food? I'm sure it was just an attempt to cash in on the popularity of dill pickle chips (at least here in Canada) and/or the strange food fad.

With the cultural problem aside, you’re still left with a “dill” chip that doesn’t really have any kind of strong dill flavour. This is particularly odd since dill is actually something you don’t have fake on a chip either. You can simply add some real dill to a chip, it’s a dried spice that sticks to things fairly well.

These chips, although unsuccessful at creating the dill thing, weren't really that bad. I just didn't think, "dill pickle" when I bit into them. I thought they tasted more like a slightly sour version of their Cool Ranch chips.