Double Take


This bar is like a 'Kit-Kat' but not quite. The basic principles are the same, chocolate over wafer cookies. The difference to me is what makes this bar not measure up, and the fact that its so similar really makes me wonder why these companies don't come up with more original ideas. They have the money to mass produce a chocolate bar, but they don’t want to spend the time to create something original. It also seems odd to create the same bar as an already popular treat since that means you’ll be competing with a bar that’s internationally famous.

I guess the 'Kit-Kat' is a great selling bar and everybody wants a piece of the Kit Kat market but really, something a little more original would be great. The differences with this bar is that it’s more of a chocolate flavour, instead of a coffee-type flavour you find in a Kit Kat bar. It's chocolate on chocolate, and that really doesn't work for me. It's a good thing that the chocolate is of good quality so it did make it pleasant. I just wish I could have had something that when I bit into it, I'd say "Wow, now there something new."

We all know that Kit Kat is a successful bar, but it’s successful because at one time it was creative. Now it just feels like everyone wants in on the Kit Kat market, and that’s not good for those of us who like to try new things.