When I first opened my Drifter bar, I assumed that this was Nestlé's answer to a Twix bar. I was expecting two cookie sticks, covered with caramel and dipped in chocolate. While I do like the Twix bar, having a bar that’s just a copy is always disappointing. Fortunately, I was about to be pleasantly surprised. The Drifter is actually a really interesting and sort of unique treat. I say sort of unique because the drifter seems to combine two bars into one. It's as if a Kit Kat bar and a Twix bar had an offspring.

The Drifter looks exactly like a Twix bar, it also has a similar layer of chewy caramel. The difference is the centre cookie, which is similar to the layered wafers found in a Kit Kat bar. This bar is really an amalgamation of two of my favourite chocolate bars.

While I did enjoy the Drifter bar, I don't think it's as good, or better than a Kit Kat or a Twix. These two bars have a really great balance in texture and flavour the way they're made. This bar disrupts this balance a little and loses a few points with both texture and flavour.

Taking two great bars and trying to combine them into a better bar is not something that will always work. Often bars have the ingredients they have because it creates a balance in texture and flavour. The Drifter is a fine bar, but it's not perfect, and it’s not better than a Twix or a Kit Kat.