Double Zout Drops


So... Salty... Why?... If you're an extreme salted licorice fanatic you'd be in heaven. If you're a normal sane person, this is the worst thing that could happen to you. While writing this review, I am in the process of aggressively trying to find a love for licorice. Choosing to eat a Double Zout licorice is probably not helping me get over my dislike of licorice. There's just no relief from this treat.

The minute you put it in your mouth you're hit with a salty flavour. As you take your first bite, the salt just intensifies. After each bite the salt just keeps getting stronger and stronger until eventually you hit a plateau. The problem is, the salty plateau lasts a long time. The Double Zout will be little tiny bits stuck to the sides of your teeth before the salt starts to calm down. The salt is so intense that the licorice flavour is not as noticeable as with other licorice candies. However, since the licorice burns a bit, it also doesn't help with the matter.

The thing that makes this even worse is how chewy these are. It takes a lot of work to get through these little coins, and going through my mind is the fact that it's a lot easier just to spit it out. For about 10 minutes after “finishing” this you find yourself picking bits of licorice from between your teeth.

This is probably the worst licorice experience I've ever had. It hasn't turned me off the idea of trying to like licorice, but it might have slowed me down a bit. I guess this is just a little too advanced for my licorice palette.