Fort/Sal Drop


I'm not sure what the appeal of salted licorice is. I understand how salty and sweet work; it's a play with two different taste receptors. The problem with salty and licorice is that both flavours are fairly similar, so they just intensify each other rather than compliment. These two flavours are also fairly intense, so it seems that intensifying them even more is silly. The only conclusion I can get from this is that licorice fanatics are insane, they're gluttons for punishment.

As you can imagine from reading the paragraph above, I'm not a big fan of these. It's not a big surprise as I'm not a big licorice fan. The thing that makes these even worse for the non-licorice person is the salt. As I try and work my way through the intense licorice flavour, instead of any break, I'm hit with salt. It was like eating a super strong licorice candy followed by shot of seawater.

This review should be taken with a grain of salt (pun intended), since I'm not a big licorice guy. I would imagine that if you loved licorice, or if you love hurting your taste buds, then these would be perfect for you. I would also recommend trying them even if you're not sure if you’re a huge licorice fan. It's an experience that many people enjoy, and other’s can’t stand, and you would at least know what side of the licorice fence you stand on.