Dumle "Original"


Now that's an ugly candy. I can't say that I was expecting anything particularly pretty or anything, the package leaves you with no clue as to what the candy might look like. But this candy is really ugly and fairly non-appetizing once you unwrap it. It really shouldn't be that hard to spruce up this treat a little by simply using some kind of candy mould, or at the very least some kind of chocolate coating technique that was a little more consistent.

Taste wise this treat isn't really doing it for me either. It's basically some kind of caramel with a thin coating of chocolate on the outside. The problem starts with the very thin coating of chocolate. It's just to thin, it's so thin that parts of the bar appear not to be covered at all. The chocolate flavour is pretty much non-existent as well. It’s as if this bar is covered in chocolate for show, and not to add anything to the treat itself.

The caramel isn't helping maters either. It's got a bit of a licorice type flavour at first, but once you chew it a little that flavour goes a little bit more caramel like. But even so the licorice flavour lingers and the caramel flavour just isn't that great. I like a wide variety of caramel filling, but this one is just not that great.

I really wish I could have told you that this treat is spectacular, but it's not. It has all the possibility of a great chocolate caramel treat, but just doesn't deliver.