Umai Tonkatsu Sauce


I'll start off this review by explaining what Tonkatsu Sauce is, actually first I'll explain what "Tonkatsu" is. Tonkatsu is a breaded pork cutlet, most often covered in panko bread crumbs from Japan. I've seen chicken Tonkatsu as well, but pork seems to be the most popular. While the dish itself is fairly simple, the true flavour comes from the Tonkatsu sauce. I'm not really sure what's in Tonkatsu sauce, but it tastes like a sweet and sour teriyaki sauce. It's thick and brown, and works perfectly on Tonkatsu. This might be the reason that this particular treat didn't hit a home run, flavour wise.

While I'm a big fan of Tonkatsu, I'm not a huge fan of this crunchy treat. Sure, the flavour was similar to Tonkatsu sauce, but it lacked the flavour of the breaded pork cutlet to balance it out. The sweet and sour sauce flavour completely took out any other flavours that might have been in the puffed (like a cheese puff texture) stick. All I got was an intense flavour that really needed something to balance it out.

I think the key to this treat working is the need to have something counter balance it. Maybe a little more salt, or maybe even some kind of panko flake addition would have fixed it. While the texture of this treat was fine, the strong flavour just made eating it unpleasant. From the first bite I just didn't like where this treat was going, and it never got any better.